Ready to use prioritized Application Security requirements, to:

Collaborate with other departments and programs in the adoption and implementation of successful IT solutions that factor in security yet minimize cost while maximizing business performance results in a manner that helps ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected data while still providing a positive (internal) customer involvement. .


    • Test and monitor the security of your services and data in the cloud.
    • Start setting up the right systems that will work securely throughout a potential transaction.
    • Maintain end user awareness of information security practices.
    • Integrate information assurance metrics in your organization and achieve value from the effort.
    • Influence development teams to build security in applications if one cannot begin to characterize the problem to development colleagues.
    • Get a risk management program going.
    • Test historical data if there was no audit trail.
    • Know everything has been tested.
    • Use open source security tools to research and discover unknown vulnerabilities with ICS equipment.
    • Know if the application will still work in the presence of failures.

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