Ready to use prioritized Cloud Security requirements, to:

Certify your strategy is involved in various relevant areas of compliance (GLBA, SOC II, information security models and risk assessments, IT audits, vendor management, data breach, and incident management). .


    • Restrict, log, and monitor access to your information security management systems.
    • Encourage your staff to work closely with IT in onboarding cloud services sustaining the enterprises security, data privacy and compliance objectives.
    • How does the cloud service provider ensure that access to your data / content is restricted.
    • Provide cloud computing with a security framework that inspires trust on its clients with respect to the protection of the data in the cloud.
    • Effectively prevent user based risks to your business using minimal resources and time.
    • Do you have the monitoring mechanism of how the data is managed, accessed on the cloud.
    • Manage security and business continuity risk across several cloud providers.
    • Ensure data security and privacy in connected solutions that require cloud access.
    • Ensure CSP has implemented security controls to mitigate third party risks.
    • Assure the integrity of data that will be used for myriad purposes and by potentially many stakeholders.

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