Ready to use prioritized Threat Modeling requirements, to:

Be sure your process is leading, coaching, and mentoring the engineering community and other team members on aspects of the information risk management program and specific processes to ensure behaviors and outcomes that support information protection, privacy, and data security, and drive consistency, quality and productivity of deliverables. .


    • Integrate a providers identity meta system with your identity management processes.
    • Adapt the approach to better suit agile software development projects.
    • Use existing data models effectively.
    • Use a threat model to drive security tests.
    • Know that an object being created is a security hazard.
    • Validate the design of new applications before coding even begins.
    • Use a threat model at design time.
    • Address IoT integration needs using collaborative models.
    • Use a threat model to make decisions.
    • Help ensure the security of written code.

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